Benud Behari Dutt the name of the great "Subarnabanik" or Gold Merchant stands head held high and Glorified even today.

The Company which was Established in the Year 1882, sends a "Tinkle" down ones mind as one thinks of the enchanting "World of Jewellery".

Its Founder after whose name the Company is known was one of the silent Patriots of his times. There were very few Original Indian Jewellery Houses at that time. Through his untiring Efforts, Perseverance, Zeal and Ingenuity, he was able to Establish himself as one of the Leading Jewellers of this Country. His matchless Artistic Creativity was recognized not only by the Princes and Gentry of the Country, but also by the then British Government who honoured him a GOLD MEDAL and CERTIFICATE OF MERIT in an Exhibition held at ALLAHABAD. He won many other Laurels.

Even to this day , it gives a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure as people come from far and wide looking for the name Benud Behari Dutt, a name so often heard from Mothers and Grand Mothers , anytime and every time Jewellery was concerned. The name has been signifying "Jewellery" for the 3rd Generation as Goloke Dutt - recently joined by his son Sumit Dutt has well proven themselves to be the worthy descendant and Grandson of the well Famed Benud Behari Dutt.

With the continuous and unfailing efforts of Goloke Dutt, the present Managing Partner, the Company has revived and stands today known by all, far and wide - for its Age Old Heritage which is an integral part of its Success and Survival through the Decades.

For more than 128 Years, the Richness of its vision has never ceased to fascinate and charm "Women". And for the true connoisseur, there is even more to the "Pure Magic" of its Jewellery than that.

Far above and beyond Creativity and Craftsmanship, Benud Behari Dutt as it is known today, supported by the continuous efforts of Goloke Dutt , Reflects the Innermost Values and Tastes of those who are Adorned by it.

Its Unique designs, it's Purity and Splendor, Speaks for itself in a beautifully feminine version of Today's "Women".

The "Ultimate" Richness of the Colour of Gold is reflected in every piece of Ornaments so Uniquely Designed and Styled to Gracefully suit the individuality of every Woman. We have brought Trend setting Jewellery incentive scheme called as GOLD NEST SAVINGS SCHEME.

We have also launched "DAZZLING GOLD" a New Brand in Costume Jewellery which have now taken Fashion Jewellery in a new dimension and have become Trend setter.


Since 1882, Benud Behari Dutt has crafted some of the Finest Jewellery - desired by many but owned by privileged few. Dedicated to customer's satisfaction, the Company today has earned itself repute and fame of unrivalled heights.

Goloke Dutt is highly admired and loved by all Customers for his personal Rapport with each one.

Committed to better Customers Service, and with the Blessings of the Family Deity, the Company has and will very soon open New Branches all round Kolkata.

Simultaneously, Benud Behari Dutt has also opened a New Avenue for the maintenance of your Jewellery - Old Jewellery Made New. Your "Ultimate" reason to be there. After all, it is a Business of Five Generations now.


We participate in various Exhibitions cum Sale all round the Year :-

1) Sonar Sansar Organized by Swarna Shilpa Bachao Committee in association with World Gold Council .
2) (E I J S) East India Jewellery Show .
3) GOLD RUSH organized by ANANDA BAZAR PATRIKA in association with World Gold Council a well known      Gazette.